Dielectric plate antenna structure

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Dielectric plate antenna structure

If we cut the antenna surface of a dipole plate antenna imported in the past, we will see that the antenna surface is composed of five layers of materials.

The first layer and the fifth layer are antenna protective layers, also known as radomes, which are made of corrosion-resistant media. It plays a role in preventing oxidation, attenuating the impact of ultraviolet rays on the printed circuit board, and preventing rain and snow erosion. These two layers are not depicted in the structure diagram of FIG. 2.

The second layer is a receive antenna layer. It is a layer of printed circuit board metal layer, which is printed with an antenna array formed by many arranged unit vibrators, so it can be called the antenna substrate layer. This layer determines the technical quality of the panel antenna. The shape of the unit vibrator is various.

The third layer is the dielectric layer of the printed circuit board and supports the second layer.

The fourth layer is a ground conductor layer, which is a layer of metal foil plate, which not only plays a role in reflecting the antenna array, but also is a part of the feeder, forming a microstrip transmission line. The output of the antenna array is connected with the high frequency head mounted behind the flat antenna board.

From this we can see that the flat antenna has a more complex structure, using the microstrip circuit technology in microwave technology, the process requirements are very high, especially the antenna array in the feed phase of the same phase requirements are extremely strict. It is very different from the structure of the reflective parabolic antenna, so it is difficult to design and manufacture. The theory of flat-panel antenna has been put forward for more than 20 years, and it has only been seen that high-quality and low-cost flat-panel antennas have appeared in the domestic market. I am afraid that this is the reason.

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