Flat panel antenna technical indicators

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Flat panel antenna technical indicators

Like the reflective parabolic antenna, take the small flat-plate antenna of the sea brand as an example, we also look at the technical indicators of the slot flat-plate antenna.

1. Applicable frequency range. That is, there are two kinds of frequency ranges of satellite signals that can be received by this antenna: one is that the local oscillator frequency of the built-in single local oscillator high-frequency head is 10.75GHz, and the frequency range applicable to receiving satellite signals is 11.7-12.75GHz, with a bandwidth of 1.05GHz.

There is also a built-in dual local oscillator high-frequency head of the local oscillator frequency of 9.75GHz and 10.6GHz, applicable to the received satellite signal frequency range is 10.75~12.75GHz, bandwidth up to 2.05GHz.

Although it seems that the bandwidth of the latter is twice as wide as that of the former, it is much more suitable for receiving frequency bandwidth, and many signals of 10 and 11GHz can be received. However, it is precisely because the latter's frequency band is very wide, so its amplitude-frequency characteristics are difficult to do well, and its in-band unevenness may be greater than the former. As a result, some frequency points are not necessarily easy to use.

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